9:00 AM
PAAS Kick Off:
Save, Invest, & Grow with Spend Analytics

Eric Cunningham: CEO, Green Cabbage 

9:30 AM
Addressing Inflation, Supply Chain Risk, Supply Assurance, Changing Supplier Relationships, etc. 
Leo Dalle Molle: Principal, Procurement & Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG 
Nathan Clark: Director, Procurement & Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG 

10:00 AM
Insight DaaS: Reducing TCO through enhanced device lifecycle and employee experience

Joe Flynn: Insight 

10:30 AM
Procurement Foundry: Trends in Spend
Michael Cadieux, Founder

11:00 AM
Origina: IT Cost Optimization Strategies to Drive Savings & Accelerate Digital Transformation
Hari Candadai, SVP Strategic Alliances, Origina

11:30 AM
Alteryx: Analytics for All - A Game-Changer for Digital Transformation
Steve Brodrick, Chief Transformation Officer, Alteryx

1:00 PM
ISM: Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management- Vision 2030
Jim Flemming, Product Development and Innovation Manager

1:30 PM
Lenovo: Making AI Easy: How to Deploy Edge AI Solutions in Retail & Quick Serve Restaurants 
Matthew Bertucci, Regional Sales Manager, Lenovo

2:00 PM
Oracle: Drive Growth Through New Business Models and Better Customer Experiences
John Barcus, GVP Industry Manufacturing Industries & Emerging technologies, Oracle

2:30 PM
Fine Tune: Growing Imbalance in Supplier Relationship Management is Creating Critical Vulnerabilities for Procurement Organizations
Angies Claeys, VP Uniform Services, Fine Tune

3:00 PM
Rimini Street: Driving Innovation with the IT/Procurement Partnership
Brent Kercher, Director of Sales, Rimini Street

3:30 PM
Efficio: Understanding your Margins in Cloud & Software
Maxim Sankey, Senior Manager & Ben Lambert, Principal, Efficio 

0 PM
Executive Networking Event 
Sponsored by Lenovo & Insight