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Have questions about ATP? Check out some of the frequently asked below:

  1. Register online here!

  2. Register by phone: 412.352.1082

How do I register for the Summit?
Can anyone attend ATP?

Yes! ATP welcomes all who are interested in saving their organization money!

Can I send my team to to the event?

Yes! All will benefit from attending ATP. You can think of this summit as your MBA in indirect technology procurement. 

Why Should I attend ATP 2022? 

ATP will provide a minimum of 10x return on your investment in the event. How? Well its simple! At ATP you can expect to learn the skills and techniques utilized by PAAS negotiation experts that can save you an average of 15-30% on each indirect technology contract you negotiate. Learn more on the GENERAL SESSIONS page about the topics that will be covered.

Who is Speaking at ATP 2022?

Keynote Speakers include Michael Cadieux from the Procurement Foundry, Special Guest from Celonis, and PAAS Clientele. 

General Session speakers include members from the PAAS data, procurement, sales, and negotiation teams, accompanied by executives from companies such as Oracle, Driven Brands, and Red Robin. 

Breakout Session speakers will feature a variety of technology suppliers such as Google, Salesforce, Oracle, Verizon, and many more. Here attendees can sign up to listen to these suppliers present their unique pricing, packaging, and licensing models.